Free will – 1

On the one side of our life is God the Father: the Alpha and the Omega with His Life, Love, Truth, Hope, Peace, Happiness, and Joy. Life, love, hope, peace, Truth, happiness, and joy that we can truly start experiencing from this very moment while still alive on earth. By entering into and deciding freely to remain inside the doorway of the New Jerusalem (Is. 65, Rv. 21). On the other side of our life is Satan: the prince of both the abyss and of this world with his endless Death, darkness, lies, hatred, division, betrayal, evil, and despair. Death, darkness, lies, hatred, division, betrayal, evil, and despair most of us experience or encounter on a daily basis. And which Satan so desires to draw us even more deeply into. Meanwhile in the middle of our life is the territory of our own free will: that territory which can be – and indeed generally is – severely pressured by various external and internal agents, turning it into a veritable battleground, in order to get us to cave in to the ‘path of least resistance.’ However despite any and all the ‘attenuating circumstances’ that we can – indeed that most of us do – come up with, in order to defer our personal responsibility in answering this question, it is vital to remember that our will can never be overridden without our express consent. Not even under extreme coercion. We still retain choice even in the severest of circumstances, unless we are seriously mentally challenged.

Given this immutable and universal reality, therefore, in our hearts and minds whom do we choose to live with? With whom do we choose to take our stand: God Who Is Our Father or Satan? Many, if not most, of us generally tend to raise numerous and vociferous protestations at such an unvarnished presentation of facts. However we need to recall that every time that we do not unite our will with that of Our Father, by default in essence we unite our will with that of Satan! Because there is no such thing as ‘being in the middle,’ no matter how much we may prefer to believe otherwise. We are either in God the Father’s Divine Will or we are not, that is if we are not ‘for Him’ we are by default ‘against Him,’ despite our ceaseless rationalizations. Thus it is time to reflect without further delay on whom are we going to decide to stand for, from now onward, at each and every moment of our lives; given that at stake is the fate of our eternal souls. We need to ponder deeply on the consequences of our choices, namely whom do we deliberately select to live with for eternity: that is Our Father or Satan? The choice of both our present and future is ours. It lies solely in our hands once we have reached the age of reason – no one else’s – but we need to make a deliberate choice. Otherwise we will, in essence, be making the ‘default choice.’