The orb of the soul

When we present our soul to God the Father after deciding to give it to Him, we kneel before Him, facing Him with our soul in both our hands. Our Father sits on His throne facing us in His Almighty Splendor, with Jesus to His right and Mary at Jesus’s own right, waiting patiently and silently for us to give Him our soul so that it can become His property. God the Father, in fact, radiates a most luminous Beauty and Majesty which extends and envelopes all the surroundings. Meanwhile our soul resembles an orb that we are, in essence, holding up in humbly and supplicatingly in front of Our Father, in the palms of our hands. The clarity, luminosity, and reflectivity of the orb manifest the degree to which we have achieved cleanliness of our soul from sin, through the combined effort of grace and receptivity to grace in our lives (including the graces of reconciliation and purification).    

Giving our soul to God the Father, we then bow down deeply and, on our knees, approach the steps to the throne of His Majesty Who sits there with His Sceptre to His right. With courage we lift up our eyes to Our Father, stretching out our uplifted hands to give Him our soul for safekeeping. After doing this Our Father benignly and majestically rises from His Throne, descending the steps to meet us, and take both for and to Himself the orb of our soul. Our Father then ascends back to and sits on His Throne, tenderly tucking away our soul very close to Him on His left, in order to preserve it in His loving care. This is a brief description what it is like to give our soul to God the Father. This is what it is like to become a true child of God: a union of fusion not achievable elsewhere.