Living in the Divine Heart – 2 – Peace

Living in the Divine Will of God the Father means to live in the Peace of Heaven. That Peace which the world and mankind so sorely lack and need, but that can start being both lived and experienced while still here on earth. But living in Heavenly Peace means to literally live in the Divine Heart of God the Father, because it is precisely from the very Core of His Heart (that is both the Core of His Essence and that of the Holy Trinity) that such Peace radiates forth. Hence when we live in the Divine Will through our continual fiat to Himin fact we are living in the Divine Heart of God the Father, because Our Father’s Heart, the desires of His Heart, and His Divine Will are all One in both essence and being. It is precisely upon the territory of our souls, through the vessel of our “yes,” that Heaven and earth literally become joined, bringing down in both essence and fact the Peace of Heaven to our greatly peace-starved world.