The love and mercy of the Divine Heart

The love and mercy of the Divine Heart of God our Father are infinite toward His children on earth, but His mercy is sweeter and more tender than His love. Every time we commit venial sin, we forfeit some degree of relationship with our Father because sinning is, in essence, distancing ourselves from intimacy with Him. Such forfeiture becomes total every time we commit mortal sin, because the latter completely severs our relationship with Him through our deliberate choice.

At this point God the Father loves us as children even more, not less, despite the immense pain, suffering, and anguish that we will have caused Him by choosing to kill our eternal souls. The Mercy of His Divine Heart comes right into the foreground, attempting frantically to Love us back to Life even more sweetly and tenderly than before. This because we are then not solely spiritually sick but spiritually dead, as only the shells that constitute our earthly bodies are left.

Flowing right from the Core of His Divine Heart through the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Oneness, God the Father’s Mercy tries reaching us in every way He can to gently, sweetly, and most tenderly coax us back into His safe Fatherly Embrace. In order so that He can heal us and reinstitute intimacy of relationship with us in true child-Father context. The choice about what to do with our eternal souls is always ours to freely make: that is whether to accept or reject God the Father’s Merciful Love and Desire to be both with us and in us. An infinity and immeasurability of Love and most intimate Relationship that are incomparable on earth.