The state of the world – 2

Love for God is largely absent, it exists only in some of us. The world has become as barren as a desert or a wilderness once again. Yet many, if not most, of us do not perceive this because we have not yet allowed ourselves to open up to True Love. We find it difficult to understand what Love really is, that Is the Infinite Love of God the Father. So we talk endlessly about love yet we do not know Love, we talk ever so righteously about freedom yet we do not know Freedom. We pontificate about liberty yet we do not really know Liberty, we talk loudly about god yet we do not truly know God!

For we proudly do not want to worship, we do not want to bend our heads, we do not want to soften our hearts and minds, but above all we do not want to bend our knees. We want God to accommodate us, rather than the other way around! That is in our hearts we do not want to change our ways, we prefer to have God change His ways in order to suit us! We want a god, that is a god who will fit in with our notions, those notions that support our present lifestyles. Yet, for many of us, our lifestyles are against the natural order: they go directly against God, wounding His most tender Divine Heart, because they violate His Will and His Law. So instead of dispensing with our notions that we call lifestyles, we choose instead to make away with the only Father Who truly loves us in our entireties. In fact erecting a ‘replacement’ god who is no different than the old Ba’al: the very essence of the heresy of the 21st century. Thus the world has become spiritually desolate, it has become barren; a veritable desert. It has become pagan again 2010 years after the birth of Christianity.