Simplicity of knowing Infinite Love

To know and live in God the Father is simple in the extreme: all that we need to do is to decide, sincerely and genuinely, to return and give ourselves to Him; then we start truly knowing Him and living in Him. Enjoying at every subsequent instance of our earthly lives the Joy, Love, Peace, and Happiness of Heaven. But how do we achieve this when we have been away from Our Father’s House (our House too by rightful Inheritance), many of us for a very long time?

First of all Our Father loves us with a Love that Is Infinite: a Love that both originates in and flows incessantly like a never-ending stream of Life from the Core of His Divine Heart. Both a Parental and Paternal Love that is frantically calling us to return, despite our ever-growing stubbornness and willfulness, in order to keep us safe and sound in every aspect of our beings. We may try to envision such Love or attempt to understand It with the intellectual nature of our minds. However we will never be able to truly comprehend It – especially its Infinity and Intensity – unless we open ourselves up to Our Father. In other words we need to open up our hearts to Our Father, to experience Him within ourselves, in order to start being able to start understanding the immensity and incomparability of what this is all about.

Second of all we need to accept to do our part to return to Him, because God the Father will never override our free will, no matter how much we pain Him with so many of our choices that do nothing but severely cloud the clarity, purity, and integrity of our eternal souls. We need to (1) consent to return to Our Father, (2) get ourselves cleaned up in our hearts and souls from all the grime that presently exists therein, (3) accept that He will come to us, and (4) call Him to ourselves by giving ourselves unconditionally to Him. When we do this God the Father truly descends to live in us and with us, as He had always desired to do from the beginning of time (Gn. 1 & 2). Otherwise Our Father keeps on awaiting us albeit on the sad sidelines: that is like a sorrowing but ever-respectful Parent, He begs us to accept and let Him in but does not force our boundaries.

When we have carried out all of the four steps previously mentioned, getting to know and live both in and with God the Father then becomes literally ‘a piece of cake,’ through the amount of graces He consequently showers down upon us. We start continually feeling His Presence all around us, that is both inside and outside of us. We start perceiving His Presence everywhere and we become truly capable of developing and maintaining a real relationship of desired intimacy with Him. That special and highly-desired intimacy between Father and privileged child whereby both communicate with each other in the infinite confines of His Divine Love, Heart, and Will. To sum up, therefore, the doors of God the Father’s ‘storehouse’ are presently Mercifully wide open for each and every one of us His children to return to live within His Divine Heart. Come, come and take your fill, therefore, of all the freely- and easily-available graces and Love, before the storehouse doors become closed and Heaven stops responding in Justice.