The Reign of the Father – 1

The upcoming Glorious (Eucharistic) Reign is the coming on earth of the heavenly Jerusalem (Rv. 21:1-27). However it is also the Reign of God the Father, the Reign of His Divine Will, and the Reign of the Divine Family, in the era of the Holy Spirit. Thus the upcoming Reign of the Father, with and in all of His children on earth serving as living Tabernacles for Him while also living in Him – hence the Triune God – is, in essence, the Triumph of the Divine Heart of God the Father, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is the upcoming fulfillment of our constant prayer of “Thy Kingdom come” to God the Father, which fulfillment is the coming on earth of the Heavenly Peace, Love, Joy, and Happiness for all men of good will; as we start living in the Fullness of Our Inheritance. In both essence and fact, it is the coming together in full circle of everything that has been pre-ordained by God the Father since before the beginning of time.