Who Is God the Father? – 3

Sitting atop of all Creation in His Heavenly Kingdom, Is God the Father Who holds us safely in His Divine Heart when we decide to enter. Placing us close, very close, to the Core of His Light, Life, and Love to keep us safely ensconced in His Heart and Will. Safe from the endless despicable schemes and attacks of the enemy, with the ravages that ensue in every aspect of our lives and selves. That enemy the red dragon (Rv. 12:3) who, with his sycophant minions that include the first and second beasts (Rv. 13:1, 13:11), will never rest in his ever-increasing, furious attempts to claim our eternal souls for himself. Until he is bound anew in the abyss of Hell by Archangel Michael, through those supplications of ours that will arise to Heaven in and through the chain of Mary’s Rosary (Rv. 20:1-3) and Jesus’s Precious Blood. 

God the Father places things, situations, and people in our midst before we even voice our need for them verbally to Him, in order to both challenge us to grow more toward Him while fulfilling the deepest, most craven needs of our souls and beings. Acting intermittently on our behalf (although many of us continue obstinately to refuse to acknowledge this), even if we just utter a pitiful not-fully-formed plea to Him from the depths of our hearts, when we open ourselves up to Him with filial trust and abandonment in Him as Father. He gives us gifts, sweetly and playfully presenting them to us in some of the most surprising but endlessly delightful ways, warming up our hearts and souls with joy. Then taking care of providing for us what we need day by day in all our ensuing days on earth, making it so that we do not have to worry or suffer anxiety and fear over our futures. In fact if we take care to recall, this is precisely what God the Father had originally done with His chosen people the Israelites (vide Ex., Nm., Dt., Jo.), a fact that sadly many of us seem to have forgotten in our self-absorbed obsessions with ‘progress’ and ‘enlightened enlightenment.’ However Our Father has neither forgotten nor has He ever changed. He Is and will always remain the same Faithful and Providing Father that He has ever been.  

How many of us, therefore, can honestly say that we have ever allowed ourselves to truly wallow in such perfect Paternal and Parental Love in our lives? Meanwhile how many of us have profoundly desired to receive such fatherly love yet have repeatedly come away sorely disappointed, especially considering the behaviors of some of our fathers on earth? And yet this Is the True Face of Our Father’s Essence and He Is available to any and all of us who truly desire Him to be Our Father and really want to be His children! He Is right here on the doorsteps of our hearts, pleading and begging us to let Him, so that He can really directly show us His true nature as the Eternal Father – if we let Him.   

This Is the incomparable but deepest desire of Our Father’s Divine Heart: to be both with us and in us at every moment of our lives, in order to truly live among us as our True Father. God the Father has decided that it is now time to re-enter into the lives of His children on earth – for those of us who want Him (He never impolitely imposes Himself) – in a much more direct way than what many of us have so far been used to. Namely in that direct way of strong, intimate child-Parent relationship that existed prior to Adam’s fall. The way of the Presence of the Father among men as had existed in the Old Testament when Our Father literally and directly lived among His children the Israelites in the Ark of the Covenant. The way that is slowly but surely ripping away the veil between heaven and earth to herald in the Reign of the Father on earth that is the Glorious (Eucharistic) Reign – the Reign of the Divine Family and the Divine Will.