The Father on the Cross with His Son: Infinite Love

God the Father was both in His Kingdom and present on the Cross more than two thousand years ago when Jesus was crucified, despite our ongoing disregard for, and denial of, this reality. In fact Our Father was, in essence, on the Cross in Spirit. As the Father Who Is Infinite Love, in the Core of His Divine Heart God the Father experienced great anguish and sorrow over everything that Jesus had to suffer in order to redeem us – past, present, and future – so that the gate to Heaven would be re-opened for us and we could be everlastingly reconciled with Our Father should we so desire. Specifically God the Father experienced the unspeakable anguish and sorrow of the Perfect Father over the indescribable suffering of the Perfect Son.

Concurrently Our Father also experienced anguish and sorrow over the hidden martyrdom that Mary, His most beloved Daughter, had to undergo. All of this compounded with the anguish and sorrow of knowing exactly how many souls would still insist on being lost eternally – past, present, and future – through their choices, as well as the anguish and sorrow of having to necessarily proceed with the Sacrifice, in order to reconcile us fully with Himself. In fact God the First Person, having the Heart of the Perfect Father, suffers greatly over having to punish anyone but His similarly Perfect Justice demands appropriate reparation. Thus Our Father had to allow His Wrath to emerge despite His anguish and sorrow, in order for Justice to be satisfied. A Wrath that was still Merciful in Itself because Our Father did not crucify us for our past, present, and future misdeeds: He literally crucified part of Himself for us.

Similarly today God the Father continually experiences piercing anguish and sorrow within the Core of His Divine Heart for all the suffering that we create for ourselves, in and through our choices. Anguish and sorrow that are infinitely potentiated for Our Father by His knowledge of the true state of His Handiwork that are our precious souls, together with the serious risk that we mindlessly, or less-than-mindlessly, continue to ongoingly perpetrate; thus incurring the very real possibility of losing our souls and His Presence for eternity. All of this is additionally compounded with the anguish and sorrow Our Father experiences over our ongoing, proud refusal of His Paternal assistance – assistance He deeply desires to provide us with – together with the continual wounding of both His most beloved Son’s and Daughter’s Hearts. Thus if we think – as many, if not most, of us do – that Our Father does not feel simply because He Is Almighty, we seriously need to think again. Because Our Father experiences everything that we do or omit to do, encompassing all things within His Divine Heart.