Seal of God the Father – 2 – the seal of Infinite Love

The Seal of God the Father is a special grace for these times that, in both essence and fact, consists of the seal of Infinite Love. When we obtain it, it marks us indelibly for eternity as the specific property of Our Father, as long as we do not consent to break it also out of our own free will. Precisely due to the fact that it is the seal of Love, it confers immunity against Satan and his minions because where Infinite Love fully exists, the personified hatred that is Satan is repelled. Our Father, being the Perfect Father, is also fiercely protective of, and vigilant over, His ‘property;’ providing us Himself with all the means that we need in order to return safely to Him. The Seal of Our Father, therefore, is an inestimable gift from the profound Mercy of His Divine Heart.