Neglecting God the Father individually and institutionally

We have in both essence and fact neglected God the Father because when most of us pray, we pray to anyone but Him. In fact we pray endlessly to saints, to Mary, and to Jesus. But only rarely do we pray directly to Our Father, with this rarity being additionally limited to just some of us. Why have we reached this point, both individually and institutionally, when anyone whom the Father sent us (including Jesus and Mary) came precisely to show us the pathway back to Our Father? Why have so many of us also lost the most basic understanding of all, that is that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is actually the prayer of Sacrifice to the Father – and not just “Mass,” if that 

We have reached this point, both individually and institutionally, because many – if not most – of us have come to think in the depths of our hearts that God the Father Is unreachable. That is we have wrongly learned to perceive Him as this ‘stern, distant, unapproachable Guy;’ so we have let ourselves become erroneously conditioned to think that it is better to go the indirect route. Therefore, most often we proceed to carelessly offer up words from and with our lips to Our Father, with such offerings to Him only rarely coming truly from our hearts, the core of our hearts, or the very hearts of our souls. That is, in both essence and fact, we frequently do nothing more than offer up half-hearted requests to Our Father, and then we proceed to self-inflatedly grumble that ‘He does not listen’ – so why bother?! But such reasoning is neither appropriate nor accurate: would any of us bother to listen to someone who asked us for something in such a pathetic and downright rude manner? Or would we simply politely ignore that person while considering his or her lukewarm request a great affront to our self-dignities? 

So we have in essence and fact neglected Our Father both individually and institutionally: that Father Who created us and Who surpasses everyone in His Paternal and Parental functions. We have set Him aside, this most beloved, sweet, tender, gentle, Loving Father of ours; deeply grieving His already-wounded Divine Heart by our cruel, ongoing abandonment and neglect of Him. We have made Our Father come second – if not third, fourth, or fifth (and this is being ‘kind’) – to all those whom He Himself created and sent to us from the very beginning of time. A placing second, third, fourth, or fifth of Our Creator even in our prayers! Is this the manner in which we should treat Our Father, when many of us treat our earthly fathers in better ways? Him Whom we should love with the entirety of our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls?!

We need to return to the most basic realization that, without God the Father, there would be absolutely nothing and no one. Not even whom we generally pray to. We need to start comprehending at a gut level the Truth that without the Father there is, and can be, no Fullness! No matter how much we may regularly pay lip-service to our belief in the Fullness of our Inheritance. We need to similarly understand that everyone and everything, including our prayers, is about God the Father because He Is the Alpha and Omega of all Creation.