The Divine Family

Seated on His throne, in all the splendor of His radiant Light and adored by the heavenly hosts, is God the Father; Creator of the universe, indescribably beautiful and majestic, as always. Standing to His right is Jesus Christ, with a grave look on His face and a scepter in His right hand, whereas standing to Christ’s right in turn is the Virgin Maryappearing rather diminutive in comparison to Her Son’s tallness. Meanwhile, flowing back and forth between God the Father, the Son and Mary is the Holy Spirit, the Breath of Life between the Father and the Son; the Life and Love flowing between the Divine Family and mankind.

The above is a brief, experiential description of the Divine Family on the feast of Christ the King. A Family unsurpassable in beauty, with love as Their core quality: the infinite love that streams unceasingly from the Core of the Eternal Father’s Divine Heart, to become fused with the other Hearts in order to reach all mankind.