Words from God the Father – 52

“The love I have for My children is endless but My children prefer to continue their lives squandering their Inheritance. I Am and will always Be, however evil will come to an end. My children do not realize that time is truly pressing, they expect everything to keep on proceeding as it is now. I desire all of My children to return to Me their Father, but I will not force them to return. The choice is theirs to make. To live in My Divine Will is truly to live in My Divine Heart, but My children want to do neither one nor the other. Only by returning to Me shall My children be safe, only in and through My Will shall they be able to endure what is coming. Whoever does not return to live in My Divine Will shall be destroyed forever (…) It is My Will that My children know My Heart’s desires, like that they will be unable to say ‘I did not know.’ (…) My Heart grieves over the loss of My children: all those of my children who do not wish to return. I love them with Infinite Love yet they keep on spurning My Love for them. Never has a generation been so obstinate, never prior to now has humanity become so contaminated. Only in and through My Mercy will everything be restored” (11/6/10).