Fidelity in the union of wills – 2

How many of us promise or have promised things to God the Father then did not keep our word to Him either partially or fully, wounding Him deeply? How many of us have made promises to Our Father then proceeded, without second thought, to subsequently come up with all sorts of nuanced rationalizations in order to break such promises to Him in both essence and fact?

Every single time that we come up with rationalizations to ‘justify’ retracting our promises to Our Father, no matter the context in which we do so, it is tantamount to our giving someone very close and dear to us a most precious gift; then showing up sooner or later saying “hey, you know what? I want my gift back because (fill in the blanks here with your most favored rationalization).” In fact if someone had to behave toward us in this manner most, if not all, of us would consider such a person rude and disrespectful, to say the least. We would certainly lose our trust in them. Yet many, if not most, of us have no hesitation acting in this precise manner, and this quite frequently, with God the Father in relation to promises we make to Him. 

Gifts that we give in the form of genuine promises to our most beloved Father are never to be requested back no matter what it takes to carry them out. That is irrespective of whether we subsequently become inconvenienced in our lives because of such promises, in whatever way such inconvenience manifests itself or to what degree, we need to remain faithful to our word. Because this is what joining our wills to God the Father’s Divine Will is all about: that is fidelity in our highly commoditized day and age. It is fidelity that marks us out as true children of Our Father, living fearlessly on a daily basis in His Divine Heart because, both in and through fidelity, in essence and fact we fulfill the first commandment that is the greatest commandment of all.