Loving Our Father

When we decide from the depths of our hearts to live in God the Father’s Divine Will out of genuine love for Him in the first instance, rather than for purely selfish reasons (that is to primarily obtain graces for ourselves), the Infinite Love that Is in Our Father’s Divine Heart cannot then resist granting us everything that we may need and then some! Regardless of whether we ask for such things or otherwise, proceeding to grant them to us without delay when we do ask for them. Our Father acts in this manner toward all those of us who truly love Him with the entireties of our beings because, in both essence and fact, the Divine Heart, Will, Infinite Love, and Mercy of God the Father are One.

Meanwhile for all those of us who tend to continue to ask Our Father for graces while still refusing, for whatever reasons, to enter to live in the infinite confines of His Divine Will, God the Father either proceeds to grant us these graces out of the Merciful Goodness of His Divine Heart or else simply ignores our requests. Leading us to complain that He ‘does not listen.’ This because Our Father desires to teach us that He Is not to be treated as ‘the supermarket’ of graces and need-filling which unfortunately many, if not most, of us tend to consider Him as throughout our daily lives! God the Father fully deserves the unconditionality and primacy of our heartfelt love precisely because He Is Our Father. It is the abovementioned process, therefore, of loving Our Father first – that is with all our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls – that distinguishes the children of God from the People of God. For the former always incorporate the latter, whereas the latter may not necessarily be truly the former, even though many of us like to think otherwise in this day and age of religio-political correctness.