The Divine Providence

The providence of God the Father knows no bounds: even out of sheer evil He Is always able to bring about good for ourselves, especially with regard to our relationship with Him and the fate of our eternal souls. Never does He let a soul spiritually die unless that soul specifically chooses to do so out of their own free will. And even in that circumstance Our Father still keeps on attempting to win that soul back to His Infinite Love, by pursuing them in all kinds of ways until the very last moment of that soul’s earthly life.

Many of us, however, have forgotten the intrinsic meaning of the words “Divine Providence,” while others of us tend to think that it refers primarily to the providence of material goods. This is not the case. Not that Our Father does not provide for us whatever we may need in the latter regard, especially when we glorify Him in our daily lives by being and acting as true children of His. However as the True Parent, God the Father Is supremely more interested in the wellbeing of our souls, because it is through these that real consequences arise for us that last for eternity. Therefore every time that something happens that initially appears to be truly bad for us we need to stop and think again, because what is occurring, more often than not, is a prime (albeit masked) example of the infinite beneficence of Our Father’s Divine Providence toward our eternal, but ever-recalcitrant, souls.