Seal of God the Father – 3 – meaning of the Consecration

“It is My Seal. Satan cannot snatch you away from me now because you have become fully My Property of your own volition (…) When you consecrate a soul to My Divine Will, that effectively removes the mark” (5/24/10)

The above manifests clearly the spiritual meaning of the Consecration to God the Father. By deliberately choosing to become sealed by Our Father rather than marked by the beast (Rv. 13:17), in both essence and fact we become the personal property of God, entitled to all His Loving and vigilant protection in these times. Moreover for those of us who may already have been marked, knowingly or unknowingly, through systemic mortal sinfulness, becoming sealed by Our Father through consecration effectively both annuls the mark of the beast and makes us Our Father’s property. Therefore this fulfills in daily reality the words of St Paul: “if God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8:31).