Words from God the Father – 53

“My Love is refused, rejected, trampled upon all throughout. I love My children – all of My children – yet they neither want to know Me nor love Me in return. Many of My children are interested only in their self-serving designs. Nowhere has the coldness and indifference of My children toward Me been so prominent until now. Never has such darkness previously roamed upon the earth. For in forgetting who the Lord their God Is, My children have forgotten the very origins of Life and Love. Never have My children previously been so self-absorbed and never prior to now have My children become as lacking in charity, toward those of their brethren who are in great need.”

“I love My children yet they do not want to return to Me, their Eternal Loving Father. Love. Love is missing, it has grown cold in their hearts. And yet I Am everpresent, waiting for them, to warm them up in the intense fire of My Love, should any of My children decide to return to Me. How long will I have to wait for My children to realize that without Me they can never have true Love and Peace? How long do I have to cry to them so that they return to their Father’s Heart? And yet, as their Father, I will always love them no matter what they do: I will always seek them and chase after them, in order to persuade them to return. My Love for My children – My little children on earth – knows no bounds. And yet the children of My Heart, that is all those children of Mine whom I have created, do not want to return to Me, their Father (…) soon I will give vent to My fury and then only few of My children will be left (…) The world does not want Me anymore, it has grown cold in its love” (12/4/10)