The disposition of our hearts

To what extent do we genuinely possess Love – that is the very Presence of God the Father – in the heart of our souls? And to what degree do we sincerely possess true love in our hearts, that is the love which is both reciprocal and reciprocates Infinite Love? Thus to what extent are we truly ready, at any given moment in the course of our daily lives, to set aside the incessantly demanding and noisy desires of our selves in order to truly live out love?

Many, if not most, of us quite often proudly and loudly proclaim that we love God. Some of us even like to go about publicly manifesting such a claim in a similar manner to that employed by the renowned Pharisee (Luke 18:10-14). However, when it comes down to the wire, to what extent do we truly love our Eternal Father in our own hearts? That is to what degree are we actually disposed, in the innermost core of our beings, to put our money where our mouths are when those plentiful and decisive moments occur whereby Our Father decides to test the true sentiments existing within our hearts? Or are we just lustfully desirous of greedily receiving Our Father’s Infinite Love while, in both essence and fact, refuse to love Him back according to the desires of His Divine Heart? That is by not reciprocating His Love with the greatest degree of love that we are capable of giving, both to Himself and others, at a given moment in time and with not a fraction less of loveThis is a vital point that we need to recall for giving anything less than the best that we are capable of – for whatever reason – is false, and not true, love.

The disposition of our hearts toward Infinite Love is what matters the most in fulfilling the greatest commandment of all. That is in loving our beautiful and benevolent Father with the entirety of our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls. Because it is from such disposition that our thoughts and intents arise, that subsequently lead to our actions. Yet how many, if not most, of us continually attempt to silence our consciences by rationalizing all of the above away through the generalized, albeit all-too-familiar, protestation that “if I could, I would!; but (insert your most preferred lie here)?” Therefore how many of us continue to live our daily lives in the manner previously outlined as though nothing is wrong?

It is time for us to stop, step back, and take a thorough look at ourselves, specifically at our sentiments, because the dispositions in our hearts determine our nature regardless of what we may think or claim in this regard. For only when we genuinely decide to give up the habitual darkness of loving our selves first – something that many of us seem to so thoroughly ‘love’ doing – can Life, Light, and Love from Our Father’s Divine Heart come to live in the heart of our souls. Because the Infinite Light Who Is God the Father cannot and will not enter where habitual darkness in the form of false love resides.