Are we ready? – 3 – Shall we return?

“I Am always here ready to welcome you with My Arms open, to gather you into My Heart (…) Come, come into My Heart. Refresh yourself from My Heart” (12/6/10)

Questions to ponder: Are we ready or do we still need to mull things over even further, in our hearts and minds, in order to maybe decide to enter the Third Ark – that Ark Who Is God the Father Himself? What is keeping us from deciding to return to live in the embrace of Our Father, regardless of the nature of our status in life? That embrace that leads us only to living directly in the loving and ever-rewarding confines of His Divine Will?

Why do we continue to wilfully reject Our Father, obstinately refusing to know and acknowledge Him as our One, True, and Only Father, while having no problem acknowledging everyone and everything else, no matter who or what such may be? Why do we continue refusing to bow our knee before Him Who Is? To genuinely honor, worship, venerate, and love our Almighty Father as He so rightly deserves? That Father of ours who loves us to such a humanly unfathomable extent that, regardless of who we are – that is regardless of who we may be, have been, or have ever done in our lives – He just cannot let us go! And this despite our ongoing prideful refusal and rejection of Him and His Divine Heart.

What within us, therefore, continues to keep us so distant from our Father; far away in the shadows of the darkness? That darkness of distance that keeps on preventing us from developing and possessing that most beautiful and fulfilling intimacy of all – true intimacy with our Almighty Father Who Is the Alpha and the Omega of creation; the Life, Light, and Love of all humankind? Our Father deeply desires to be profoundly united with every one of us. Shall we continue staying away or shall we return?