Are we ready? – 4 – Who are we going to glorify?

Are we ready to glorify God the Father with the entireties of our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls – that is our Real Father and Creator, the Alpha and Omega of the entire universe –  when the moment of testing arrives? And it will arrive! Whether we like it or not. Irrespective of whether we wish to remain in comfortable denial or otherwise. No matter how much we may desire to keep on acting like the proverbial ostriches, something so many of us love doing.

Or are we going to glorify him who has desired nothing but our ruin in every way from the beginning of time (Gn. 3:1-21)? That is are we going to glorify Satan, the prince of this world, through either our active consent or passive lukewarmness? A lukewarmness that will result in the loss for eternity of our souls (Rv. 3:16).

Are we going to be true members of the Church Militant, therefore, believing and proclaiming fearless and with all our might “Quis ut Deus?!” when the critical time arrives, helping to chain Satan back into the abyss (Rv. 20:1-3) so that the Reign of Our Father can ensue on earth? Even if, for some of us, it may mean being raised up like the early Christians, in order that the Catholic Church may rise in splendor anew. Or are we going to be known forever as the cowardly Judases of the end times?

The choice is ours, for each and every one of us. Our Father leaves us free to choose what to do with our wills, despite His Sorrow over the choices of some of us. But we have to make a choice. To whom, therefore, are we going to decide to stand with for eternity? Let us not delay any further in making our decision.