The Third Ark – 3 – The loneliness in the Ark

Patiently we sit here waiting on our own, all alone in that Ark which will take us safely through the Third Passover to that haven known as Peace. Yet despite the Ark door being flung wide open, only few desire to come in. For neither do most care, nor do they want to know about the Ark. Some think that it is not yet time, that there is much more time left. While others think that it is all untrue, that there exists no such thing. Some initially do say yes but ultimately do not do, whereas others desire not to know as they prefer living in the dark.

Why are you being so rude, indifferent, stone-hearted, and cold when the Ark is given to you for nothing? It is granted to you for free as part of the Covenant of God the Father. You do not need to fork out any money, you need no special tickets to enter the Ark that is the Divine Heart Encompassing All Hearts. All that you have to do is simply say your “yes.” Yet either you do not want to know or else you do not want to do. You surely do not seem to care, neither for Our most beloved Father nor for your very selves.

Pleading and begging we wait here for you, yet only few of you ‘show up.’ You truly do not seem to care, least of all for the lives of your souls! Who will relieve our loneliness, tears, pain, and sorrow at seeing this entrance to Passover safety wide open yet only few entering in? Is there anyone left out there who might consider coming in? Is anyone left out there who might consider keeping their “yes?” Why, oh why, is it so difficult to accept a Gift for free, when it is precisely this Gift that will lead you to total Bliss?

Have you really become so hard-hearted that you cannot accept anything? When this Gift is none other than your direct ticket to Life Himself? You have time for everyone and everything yet you do not have time for Me, says Our Father. You truly care about nothing except what you understand only with your mind. Yet there exists more than your mind, there is such a thing that is called the heart. An organ of once beautiful function but which you have thoroughly suppressed. Consider your heart, therefore, and how it is functioning today. Reflect on this your heart as it may not function spiritually well tomorrow. Realize that it does not need to die if you come into the Ark, because once in the Ark Who Is, Life Himself will enter into it once more.