The Three Hearts – 1 – Living with the Divine Family

Only in and through the Three Hearts are we going to be able to enter into the New Jerusalem, because in denying or neglecting one of the Hearts as many of us have both done and keep on doing, we are denying the essential reality of the infinite mystical interwoveness of the Three Hearts. That is of the Divine Heart of God the Father, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Let us ponder, therefore, on this fact as it is only through the ladder constituting the Three Hearts, through the binding unity of the Holy Spirit, that the hearts of our souls can become fused with Our Father’s Heart in the New Israel. For when we reject one, we reject All. This is the meaning and process of living in and with that family of ours Who Are the Divine Family in the thousand-year reign that is to ensue.