Unrequited Love – 2

The love emerging from God the Father’s Divine Heart is infinite and incessant toward each one of us down here on earth. Therefore why do we continue to so stubbornly insist on staying away from Him? Our Father desires intimacy – true intimacy – and union with every single one of us. An intimacy of both union and fusion capable of being achieved solely in, through, with, and for God. Our Father’s deepest, unquenchable desire is to come and live among us here on earth in the heart of our souls. The very reason why God the Father created us in the first instance, that is in order that He may dwell and delight in and with mankind, glorifying Him in return (Gn. 1:26-29). This, in fact, is the commencement of the process of the full coming of the New Jerusalem which entails within it the Reign of the Father. Both the Presence and process similar, albeit not identical, to when Our Father descended to live directly among mankind in the Ark of the Covenant (Ex. 25, 29).

However for God the Father to graciously descend to live in the heart of our souls, we have to both voluntarily and deliberately consent to Our Father coming to live in and with us in this manner. That is we have to both want Him to come and have to actually ask Him to come, with genuine desire and intent – if not outright love – in our hearts and minds. This because our beloved Father never imposes His Will upon our will, despite the former being Divine, because He created us to be His children rather than His slaves. Just think about that for a moment: God the Almighty Father is stooping to the level of asking us, mere human beings capable of achieving nothing by our own selves, whether we will possibly accept Him in the heart of our souls! What are we waiting for, therefore, in order to give at the very least our individual “yes”, our fiat, to Our Father? A fiat that will be heartily proclaimed by all (Zech. 14:16) but the collective arrival of which we can hasten both in and through our individual fiats. Thus what more are we really desiring or expecting from God in order to become anew living arks of the Covenant?  Hence in both essence and fact entering the safety of the Third Ark.