The call of God the Father: the fiat – 2

Our Father in Heaven is calling us – each and every one of us – to return to Him, that is to enter to live permanently in His Divine Heart in lofty ways! Ways previously considered by many, if not most, of us as unattainable as they were hitherto either pursued or reserved for those whom we regard as His saints. Ways with unmentionable graces being showered upon us daily from His Heart, that is all those graces that Our Father has reserved specifically for these end times. Shall we return, therefore, or shall we stay away – what is it going to be? Shall we say “yes” to Our Eternal Father or shall we persist in saying “no?” Following our self-will out of self-love – despite our insistent, loud denial of such a reality – instead of the Will of Him Who loves us with Infinite Love? What do we want?

Do we desire to experience ongoing peace, love, joy, and happiness in our lives? That is the literal and verbally indescribable Peace, Love, Joy, and Happiness of Heaven? Our true home, if we desire it to be so within the deepest recesses of our beings, despite the ongoing staunch denial of so many regarding Its very Existence. Our true home, incomparable and humanly unimaginable in its beauty. A Marvel of its very own, achievable even should we be capable of desiring it only on a fractional level! But that fraction of desire needs to be present. Or shall we continue living hand-in-glove with the prince of this world, that is with him who desires solely our eternal ruin? Living an interior and exterior life that can, and more often than not does, lead to our hopelessness, misery, and despair especially in this day and age of generalized and increasingly enforced cultural soullessness? A despair and hopelessness that lead solely to intolerable misery and eternal darkness. Infinitely wounding Our Father Who Is nothing but Hope, Life, and Light; not to mention our beautiful souls. For souls are beautiful, make no mistake about that! They are as beautiful and glowing orbs when clean, sparkling crystal clear in the tender embrace of their Father Who Is their Creator. Their Maker and Eternal Lover. The time is ripe to make a choice: a wise choice, a truly informed choice. So what is it going to be? 

Whether we choose Our Father or him who likes to work covertly, ever so slyly deceiving many of us into thinking he does not exist while being very real and very much alive, we will experience suffering in life. Because life is not solely about pleasure and gratification, especially self-gratification: that is merely delusion, including mass cultural delusion. However we can choose to either make our life easier or more difficult, depending on the choice we make. That is we can choose to go through life as true children of Our Father who are journeying back home: for Him, with Him, in Him, and through Him. Greatly alleviating through the receipt of His infinite graces what many of us have to go through in this journey of ours that is called life. Graces that will be showered upon us abundantly from that vast storehouse called Heaven when we say “yes,” enabling us to turn our suffering into jewels more precious than any encountered on earth. While enjoying a ride that can be guaranteed to be anything but dull and boring. Rather than exponentially, albeit at times not fully knowingly, potentiating our suffering by uniting our will with that of the dark one. Thus what is it going to be? What are we going to respond to Our Father’s call?