Who Is God the Father? – 6 – Beneficence

God the Father Is the Alpha and Omega of Divine Providence. Yet how many of us regularly take the time and interest to trustingly ask Him, in a truly filial manner, for what we personally need in each and every dimension of our lives? How many of us consider ourselves to be so adequately self-sufficient that we believe we certainly do not need anyone’s help – especially Our Father’s help! – in order to effectively provide both for ourselves and those significant to us? In fact how many, if not most of us, believe that what we achieve on a daily basis is solely the outcome of our human ingeniousness and skills? Proceeding to self-congratulate ourselves in a similarly preening manner as that employed by the proverbial peacock.

And yet the above viewpoint, held by so many of us these days, is quite removed from the truth. Because the Truth Is that without Our Father’s assistance – either expressly willed or permitted – in both essence and fact we can achieve absolutely nothing. Left to our own devices we do not have the intrinsic capacity of achieving anything, let alone the complex ability of positively, morally, and effectively surmounting presented obstacles to achieve something. We may think, therefore, that we personally have achieved, and continue to achieve, things in our daily lives through the human routes previously outlined. An individual and collective delusion that has now truly reached global proportions. However in reality when we either achieve or gain something for ourselves and/or others, we manage do so simply because Our Father decides to allow it to become so; within the context of employing our skills to facilitate His plan.  

Given, therefore, that Divine Providence – a Providence very sorely needed by a world in, and moving steadily headlong toward even more, dire straits – emerges so beneficently from Our Father’s most tender Divine Heart; why do we insist on shunning, marginalizing, ostracizing, and neglecting Him by symbolically stamping our feet on His Heart? Relegating the most loving Parent any of us can possibly ever have to the tiniest of the back burners, if even that?! Our Father both can and will provide for each and every one of us everything that we need and this on all levels. That is individually, familially, systemically, culturally, and societally. However first we need to swallow our fear and/or pride to humbly  turn to Our Father and genuinely ask Him, from the depths of our hearts, to give us what we need at whatever level we need it. Because every time that God the Father has previously given us what we needed without having been asked – a process that has lasted for centuries – we have wounded Him tremendously by doing nothing but taking Him for granted and rejecting Him further.