The Reign of the Father – 2 – Thy Kingdom Come

Do we desire the Kingdom – that is the very Presence of God the Father Himself during His Reign – to truly come on earth so that the Peace, Love, Joy, and Happiness of Heaven can ensue for that period of time known as the 1000-year reign that is the New Israel (Rv. 21 & 22)? Or are we still sitting on the fence, doing our level best to instrumentally rationalize things away, mulling ever so ponderously (and pompously) over whether the coming of Our Father’s Kingdom will benefit us according to our traditionally self-centered ways? Do we want to meet Our Father personally and individually, in the hearts of our souls – that residence reserved by the Almighty for Himself when creating the individual soul – as part and parcel of His Glorious Coming? Or are we, in reality, terrified that His Kingdom will indeed come because we do not want it to arrive?! Thus we do everything that we can to deny it and its existence, because many of us are anything but ready to meet Him; while others of us remain stubbornly steadfast in our ways? Ways that accomplish nothing other than ever-increasing distance from the Loving confines of Our Father’s Divine Heart and Will?

Whether we believe or not is immaterial: that is whether we maintain that the above will occur sooner or later is immaterial. Because God the Father has repeatedly said that it will happen. It is written in Scripture. Thus it will occur whether we like it or not, whether we are ready for it or not. Because Our Father always keeps His Word, fulfilling Scripture to the hilt. Whether we realize it or not, whether we deign to acknowledge it or not. So what are we going to do? Shall we decide to join Him in His Kingdom by getting ready for the banquet that He has prepared for us? Or shall we decide to join Satan in his dark kingdom in which no hope, light, or love exist? Only torment and eternal despair. What are we going to do? Are we going to beg Our Father to bring His Kingdom sooner rather than later on earth, all on our knees as a single Body asking for the Mercy of His Divine Heart? Or are we going to continue on our ‘merry’ ways, bringing down upon us even more pain and suffering at every level, than we have already endured? Whom are we going to stand for and stand up with? What is it going to be?