Who is God the Father? – 7 – Infinite Love

God the Father is Infinite LoveJust Love. Love in being, flowing incessantly from the Core of His Divine Heart: the very Heart of the Holy Trinity. Most profound and boundless Love, incomparable and unimaginable. Profundity and boundlessness, only truly known and understood by experiencing Him: that is by living in Him and with Him, for Him and through Him. Rather than knowing Him intellectually which, in essence and fact, amounts to not knowing Him at all.

Infinite Mercy and True Love are Our Father’s Names. Father of all of us, despite our continual rejection of Him because we believe we know better. Everlasting and Eternal Father, the Alpha and Omega of our beings. Love – Infinite Love – is God the Father’s Name. Nowhere else will we ever be able to find and experience such Love as no one else is Father as Yahweh Is. For He truly Is. The Life, Light, and Love of the entirety of creation, despite our ongoing denial. Yahweh was, Is, and will remain; Father for all those of us who desire Him and desire to be united with Him. The Father for eternity.

Come, come into His Heart. Come and live in the incomparable Goodness of God the Father for His Divine Heart is open, welcoming, for all. Entrance is free. Come, come and taste the Goodness, the likes of which are guaranteed not to have been previously known by the vast majority of us. Come and experience the Peace and Love of Heaven while still on earth, come!