Infinite Love – 2

Stepping into the Divine Will of God the Father by voluntarily and deliberately acceding to enter into His Divine Heart, in both essence and fact we enter to live in His ocean of Infinite Love. We become fully immersed in It, clothed with It from head to toe, with such Love penetrating and arousing every fibre of our being; thus serving as an ongoingly multicolored lens through which we come to view every happening in our lives, both past and present. This because we become clothed to some extent by and with God Himself, given that He Is Infinite Love in His own essence.

Since the effulgent Light of Our Father both opens up and enters to reside in the heart of our souls when we decide to enter to live in the domain of His Heart, the ineffable Peace and Joy of Heaven penetrate solidly into the core of our beings, leading us to experience unshakeable calm and lucidity even in the face of some of the most distressing of human experiences. We literally become rooted in God the Father Who becomes our Alpha and Omega, as He so ardently desired since prior to the beginning of time which He created as the Alpha and Omega. We come to love despite ourselves, that is we come to love both ourselves and others in spite of our ongoing resistance to love and Love. And this because we become fused from the very core of our beings to the Core of Our Father’s Heart, that Core which in Itself forms also the very Heart of the Most Holy Trinity. An immensely intense flame of Life, Light, and Love that neither can nor ever will be extinguished; that flame upon which the entire universe subsists.

In fact it is only in and through the aforementioned process that we can ever truly both state and mean what we state when we say that we are not solely living for or with God, but living in and through God. Because unless Love Who Is God penetrates into us first, warming us up from our deathly coldness, as human beings we are wholly incapable of giving even a modicum of love back in return and this even to Our Father Himself. For only in and through Love can we truly come to know – that is experientially know – the inherent Truth constituting love. A truth that, when we allow ourselves to experience it to the full, makes us genuinely capable of selflessly, hence wholeheartedly, loving our enemies more than our very own selves. The true existential meaning of living and being in Infinite Love.