The keys to Our Father’s Heart

Childlike simplicity and/or innocence, filial trust knowing that since God the Father Is Almighty and Benevolent, He will provide us with what we really need at the time we need it, and that it can never cause us spiritual harm. A willingness to do our very level best to abandon ourselves in His Hands, despite the fear of so many of us to do so. Genuine intent in our hearts and minds when approaching Him, if not outright love. And a willingness to embrace and do His Will as manifested to us in the short-term – that is on a daily basis – despite this at times being directly contrary to our own wills and also, more often than not, not knowing what is going to happen in the long-term. These are the keys to entering, remaining, and living in Our Father’s Divine Heart. The aforementioned process is how we become and remain true children of the Father.