More from Our Father – 5 – the pain we are causing Him

God the Father suffers tremendously at what we are doing because He loves us so much, it wounds Him greatly to punish us, causing an arrow to painfully penetrate right into the Core of His Divine Heart. Because the Heart of our most beloved Father just wants to love, delight, and rejoice in us as we love, delight, rejoice, and glorify Him in return. In fact when we decide to genuinely accept God the Father as our One, True, and Only Father; He has said “Your free-will response from your good heart, your free decision to love Me and give yourself entirely to Me, gives Me such great glory and is the realization of your vocation as My child who truly has Inherited the Fullness of My Divine Life in Jesus Christ. Every time you glorify Me from the depths of your heart, you increase the level of glorification you will experience in the Beatific Vision” (5/29/10). 

Yet many of us do not want to love and/or adore God the Father and adamantly continue to refuse to worship Him, despite Our Father’s ever-current words “You shall have no other God but Me”  (5/28/10; Ex. 20:3-5). With such ongoing behavior we are, in both essence and fact, irresponsibly robbing ourselves of our very own future! Our Father immensely loves hearing the words “I adore You, I love You!” His ever-so-tender Heart becomes irresistibly moved when we heartfully say those words to Him. And yet so few of us speak to Him in this manner, Our Father hears these words so little and from so few of His children on earth. Because many, if not most, of us do not want Him, do not love Him, and do not adore Him.

We curse Our beloved Father, we blaspheme Him, we deny Him, and we reject Him. And yet God the Father loves us so much – if only we could at least attempt to understand this – for He is nothing but Infinite Love. He Is also our true Protector from the ongoing spiritual and not-only-spiritual wreckages created by Satan and his minions, evidenced by Our Father’s own words I confirm that without Me you would, in fact, have much to fear from Satan. With Me, however, you have nothing to fear. I Am with you always” (5/28/10). But we have severely neglected God the Father throughout most of the ages and, without compunction, we continue neglecting and rejecting Him to this very day. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the pain we are causing Him. Because the truth is that many of us do not want to hear, speak, and/or understand that the abandonment and neglect of God the Father Almighty is occurring at the hands of His very own creatures. As our ancestors shamelssly crucified Jesus Christ, we both have had and continue to have no shame or guilt whatsoever in continuing to crucify daily God the Father – Our Creator – Himself.