In Thanksgiving and in Offering

“It is appropriate for you to offer Me everything back that I have given you because, in so doing, you glorify My having given them to you in the first place. And whenever you offer Me something, I will not be outdone in generosity; I will shower you with more graces” (5/29/10).

Questions to ponder: How often do we thank God the Father for His Divine Providence and offer Him back, at least, the first-fruits of what He has given us? A practice that dates back to the Old Testament. More specifically, how many of us stop to think for a moment, during the day, that any good that exists in our lives (e.g., material, physical, spiritual, emotional) has been given to us precisely by Our Father’s Benevolent Heart? And that we have the filial responsibility of at the very least gratefully and respectfully – that is cognizantly, if not heartfully – thanking Our Father and offering Him something in return?