Who Is God the Father? – 8 – Order and Peace

God the Father Is the Order and Peace of creation, that is of the entire universe, and where He Is truly welcomed – hence present – no disorder and conflict can exist. Because part of the intrinsic nature of Our Father Is Order, true order is that Divine construction of ourselves and everything else in the universe that we are continually seeking to overturn, in our endless – albeit ultimately futile – attempts to increase chaos and destruction in this world of ours, under the name of knowledge and progress. Meanwhile Peace is both the Peace that has always existed, exists, and will always exist in Heaven; as well as God the Father Himself.

If each and every one of us, therefore, had to set aside daily whatever we are doing for a specific time period, together with all of our preconceived prejudices about the ‘real’ nature of order and peace, we would become able to personally start experiencing that indescribably beautiful and humanly-unparalleled transformation into our Father’s Order and Peace. In a world that is seriously ill (and undeniably getting sicker) with all kinds of negativity, destruction, chaos, and meaninglessness, we would discover true understanding of the degree to which the ‘order’ and ‘peace’ of the world are nothing but man-made shams.

Having then tasted both true order and peace, as well as God the Father Himself as Order and Peace, we will never want to depart from their confines and from Him any longer. We will find ourselves automatically and firmly setting behind us the intense disorder and conflict of this world. It will simply become inacceptable to us any further and we will refuse to accept it. In this manner the innermost desire and need of our souls will start being met and the Kingdom of Our Father will grow on earth, as His Divine Heart so deeply desires, widely ushering in His Reign in a snowball fashion.