More from Our Father – 7 – we need to return to Him

(…) “Show them My Infinite Love. How I Love them with the Heart of a Father: a True Father; a Real Father! Bring My children back to Me, I want them all; bring them back to Me. They belong to Me, not to Satan; they are Mine. Satan has tried to take them from Me but I want them back. I Created them and I want them back, I want each and every one of them back, especially My priests! Bring them back to Me (…) bring them back to Me! I Am the Alpha and the Omega of Love. My Heart pains Me that so few of My children talk to Me or want to talk to Me. I Love them with Infinite Love. Yet so few want to know Me, so few want to talk to Me. Tell them about Me (…) show them who I Am. Show Me to them so that they can know that I am not a God of vengeance but a God of Infinite Love and Mercy. They are My children, they are ALL My children; My Handiwork, My Creation. Bring them back to Me (…) bring them ALL back to Me!” (6/7/10b)

Questions to ponder:  Why do we keep on so stubbornly insisting on grieviously wounding Infinite Love? Is this really what we ultimately desire to be known for with regard to our personal lives?