More from Our Father – 8 – Cenacles to His Divine Heart

“You have given Me great joy, you have tremendously consoled My Divine Heart. Keep meeting weekly in order to grow in holiness and know that any graces you receive from Me are willed to you by the entire Divine Family. They all pass through My Daughter’s hands, She is truly the Queen of Heaven (…) You are My beloved children, I love you with undying love” (6/11/10).

The above is an example of how God the Father responds when we hold cenacles to His Divine Heart: to praise Him, to glorify Him, to worship Him; and to truly treat Him as Our Father. Rather than as the stranger to whom we turn when we find ourselves without means of recourse elsewhere. God the Father has repeatedly requested that weekly cenacles start being held in honor of His Divine Heart. To give Him the glory that is His due and in atonement for all the sins and blasphemies – ever-increasing sins and blasphemies – that are being carried out against His Infinite Love for all His children on earth.

In fact the desire of Our Father is that cenacles to His Divine Heart be held in every family, community, and society. In order to seal us with His Fatherly Seal, return His children into the confines of His Divine Will, minimize the consequences of the upcoming Chastisement, and hasten the coming of His Reign. Our Father has also promised that when we regularly hold weekly cenacles in His Name, He will give us all the graces that we need in order to live His Divine Will. Shall we each start doing our part, therefore, in holding cenacles to the Divine Heart of God the Father, as He so deeply desires?