Our Father’s deepest desire – Thought for the day

God the Father – our Father! – deeply desires only one thing, one very simple thing, from us in order to be overjoyed. This is that we love Him, and do not hesitate to show our love for Him in any way, from the very depths of our hearts. In both essence and fact, this is all it takes for us to make Our Father so joyful, so happy, with our recognition of Him as Father that He will shower us with everything that we need (and then some), should we do this with genuineness and sincerity of intent. It fact takes very little to make God the Father overjoyed: He becomes inexpressibly and immeasurably joyful with even the tiniest sliver of love that we manifest toward His Divine Heart. But He desires at least this from us in return for all His Benevolent Providence and Mercy.  

Are we, therefore, so proud, heartless, mean, and cruel that we are going to deny Our Father this simple gesture of intimate reciprocity, manifested at least regularly toward Him if not daily? Or are we, as children who are learning to be true children of God, going to wholeheartedly give Our Father this very simple gesture in return? An intimate, sincere, loving gesture from the heart that He Is requesting from each and every one of us?

Love, that is what and who Our Father Is: Infinite Love Himself. And the only thing that Our most beloved Father is begging us to give Him is our love – our miserably pitiable and perpetually inadequate love – in return. Are we, thus, going to please Our Father’s Heart by deciding once and for all to give Him our love? Or are we going to continue obstinately denying Him the love of our hearts? If only many, if not most, of us could feel how much Our Father loves us when we give Him the comparatively little love that we are capable of giving Him, with true intimacy and simplicity! Mankind would not be lost in the wilderness, the desert, of this world any further; he would return without any hesitancy and delay to God.