Loving Our Father – 3 – Thought for the day

How often do we put God the Father first in our lives, despite all the intricacies, work, and relationships that we have to negotiate on a daily basis? How often do we take some time from our busy schedules, no matter how little, to keep Our Father company? Rather than simply turning to Him when we need help and all else fails? Many of us are very proud of loudly proclaiming our faith and have no problem saying that we “love God.” However, in reality, how many of us regularly schedule time to meet Our Father in sheer silence, thus truly giving Him our heartfelt attention and love that are, in fact, His by right given that He Is our Creator? We all know that we are indeed capable of finding time when we want to find time. Why do we, then, so stubbornly insist on continuing to exclude Our Father from our daily lives, when all that He desires to do is to give us everything He has? That is, everything that Our Father has and that we will never be able to find anywhere else.