Words from God the Father – 57

“Love. Love is what the world needs and what the world does not have, for it has forgotten than I Am and that I AM Love. It has become cold, a barren desert, in its ambition to become great; to become like My enemy. And yet I Am faithful, I Am constant: I still seek the return of My world to Myself. For all of creation belongs to Me, not to My enemy. Yet the world I have created, the human inhabitants of My world, have preferred to seek the ways of My adversary rather than those of their God. How many say they know Me, yet do not know Me? How many claim to be Mine, yet are not Mine? How can you know Me if you do not approach Me? How can you say that you are Mine or that you love Me, when you seek the company of My adversary? And yet I Love you. I have always loved you and will keep on loving you until the end: that is right up to the day when time will be no more (…) Love is non-existent in this world that claims to be Mine.” (1/14/11)