The God of Life, Light, and Love

God the Father Is Life, Light, and Love Himself. Ever ready to welcome us into His bosom, that is precisely into the very Core of His Divine Heart where His very own Son resides, He waits constantly and patiently for our return – the return home of prodigal children to the Father. And yet many of us neither desire Him nor desire to attempt to get to know Him.  This infinitely loving, tender, sweet – immeasurably sweet! – kind, humorous, patient, and benevolent Father of ours is rejected more than anyone else in His Kingdom: precisely because He Is God the Father Almighty. The Alpha and Omega of the universe. Many of us are afraid of Him, whereas others recoil at the very mention of His Name. Others simply do not want to know Him under any circumstances, while even more others desire Him to be obliterated once and for all from the face of the earth. 

And yet Our Father Is not a vengeful, sadistic God even though He can become angry at times – as all true parents do – at the endless wrongs we heedlessly commit. Especially when these are directed toward the most vulnerable beings of His creation because God the Father Is Love Himself and cannot tolerate our ceaseless injustices without remorse, without repentance – what kind of a Father would He be if He did not react? And yet He certainly does not react with our human notion of proportional responses, otherwise He would have wiped out us all out unhesitatingly ages ago, for everything that we have done, do, and keep on doing without any second thought whatsoever! Out of lust, gluttony, envy, and pride.

God the Father Is Love unsurpassable by anything or anyone else. Love Who needs to be personally experienced to be truly comprehended. As a Father, He Is immense tenderness and sweetness; firm but extremely loving. With a sense of adventure and playfulness that make even the most mundane occurrences of our lives become wild with excitement, happiness, joy, and love, and very welcome surprises. That is who God the Father Is. Why do we not, therefore, set aside our prejudices toward Him – incorrect prejudices born out of both ignorance and other prejudices and biases in turn – and give Our Father the chance of taking over the reins of our lives? Accepting Him as a central part of our beings and our daily lives, asking Him – yes, actually asking Him! – to come and live in the heart of our souls. And He will come without fail, for this is what He so deeply desires – what He has, indeed, desired since prior to the beginning of time: that He live with His children and that His children live with Him, as He originally intended prior to Adam’s fall.

Rest assured beyond doubt that, when we follow His direction and allow Him such prominence, such centrality, in our lives as Father, we will never again experience a dull moment. We will literally live in Our Father, insofar as is humanly possible to do so while we are still living here on earth, and He will live in us, in the very heart of our souls. We will start experiencing the fullness of Happiness on an almost daily basis – the happiness of Heaven that is our inheritance and that truly fulfills our every need, our deepest needs. Needs that we presently experience as a constant sore, a constant lack in the core of our beings, precisely because we are not yet living fully in the Father. All of this will happen because Our Father will deign to descent from His Heavenly abode and come to live in us, filling up our very own core with Himself: His Life, Light, and Love. Because this is what He desires, because this is the beginning of the fulfillment of His promise to us: that He will come and live with us on earth, as He lives in Heaven. The commencement of the 1000 year reign of Peace. But there is one caveat that we need to attend to, in order for this process to become fulfilled more rapidly: we need to ask. We literally need to ask Our Father to come and live among us here on earth, in the heart of our souls. So shall we ask or shall we not ask? The nature of our future depends on us.

Question to ponder: Given that Our Father Is the solution, literally, for all our present problems – individual, familial, systemic, societal, and global – why are we choosing to remain in the darkness that we are living in? Instead of asking Him with our entire beings to come?