God the Father’s saving grace – Thought for the day

God the Father Is Life, Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, and Mercy Himself. Yet how many of us turn to Him, genuinely asking for His saving grace? In a world that is becoming increasingly dark: cruel and indifferent to the plight of man, devoid of hope and love, growing exponentially in turmoil, how many of us are turning to Our Father; even if some of us do this as our last resort?  He Is ready to welcome us back home, in His Divine Heart and Will, with loving arms outstretched. But we need to humbly admit, both to ourselves and others, that we really need His help. For without Our Father we shall, indeed, only succeed in failing even more spectacularly than we already have; in our lives, our families, communities, and societies. Only one safe port of call exists in these our present and upcoming times: that is the Divine Heart of our infinitely loving and merciful Father.