Words from God the Father – 58

“Love is missing in the world. My children do not want to know Me. My saving grace is denied, My help is rejected. What can My children expect from Me? I have pleaded and I have begged incessantly yet few – very few – of My children have returned to Me, their Father. I love My children with an intensity that few can truly understand. Yet how many times have I tried to explain My desire to them, to draw them closer to My Divine Heart? Many do not want to know Me, others want Me obliterated from the face of the earth, while those who do believe in Me from their hearts are ridiculed and persecuted. For how much longer Am I going to tolerate this generation, a generation of stone cold-hearted people? My Will is infinite, so is My Love. It is My express Will that everyone return to Me. Those who choose not to return will be lost forever” (2/2/11).