Wounding Infinite Love – 2 – Thought for the day

Our Father loves us with a love that is infinite and unimaginable. Love that has no earthly comparison. However we do nothing but continue to wound Him and His most beloved Heart. Mercilessly, callously, even joyfully by some; and this daily, if not hourly, or even at each and every instant of our lives. We are grieviously wounding our Father through both our actions and our lack of action when morally indicated. Yet, for those of us who believe, we have no problem professing to believe in God. We loudly claim to love Him and we proudly declare that we bide by His precepts. But, in reality, do we love our Father and our God? Or are we just deluding ourselves by both participating in, and contributing to, the biggest delusion of the history of mankind? 

Only if we put God first and foremost in our lives are we truly loving our Father and being faithful to Him. Everything else are simply rationalizations of our attempts to excuse both ourselves and others of our lack of true fidelity. Our lack of true love: honest love, sincere and genuine love. Toward our Almighty Maker, ourselves, and everyone else. For everything that we do in the course of our lives, no matter how good such things may seem on the outside, if they do not occur within the context of being rooted firmly in God – that is in and through love for our Father from the very center of our hearts and minds – is, in essence, nothing but falsity. A mirage, a worthless coin.

Do we believe, therefore, or don’t we in reality believe? Are we going to continue on our downhill paths or are we going to attempt to change our ways, no matter how small such changes may initially be? Only our Father can love us in the ways we were designed to be loved. That is in and through the entireties of our very own beings. Are we, therefore, going to continue wounding mercilessly Infinite Love? Or do we genuinely have what we consider as beating hearts?