The deepest desire of Infinite Love

Our Father profoundly desires in the Core of His Divine Heart to come and live in us, in the hearts of our souls. Shall we decide to say “yes” and accept Him, therefore, becoming the living arks on earth of the Ark Himself and facilitating the descent from Heaven of the New Israel? Or are we going to continue obstinately in our not-so-savory ways, in essence saying “no, we do not want You. We prefer it if You just took Your Desire elsewhere and went back where You came from, because we want to do our thing without any interference and change?”

Shall we – priests, religious, and laity alike – continue marginalizing, neglecting, and abandoning Him Who gave and continues to give us both our lives and what we presently have, within the domain of His function as our Father? Or shall we sincerely, that is with contrite and humble hearts, approach our Father with bowed hands and knees, telling Him that we genuinely desire Him to return; that we really want to return to Him as prodigal children and that, yes, we do want Him to come and live in the hearts of our souls?

The decision is ours for God the Father gave us free will: in order so that we could be His children rather than mindless slaves. However the time is increasingly pressing in relation to our decision because our Father Is not solely Love and Mercy, He Is also Justice.