The greatest gift we can give Our Father – Thought for the day

The greatest gift that we can give God the Father during our lifetime on earth is that of our wholehearted obedience to His Divine Will, as manifested to us in and through the desires of His Divine Heart. And yet how many of us have failed, and continue to unhesitatingly and regularly fail, to give Our beloved Father such a gift out of a variety of factors, the foremost of which is generally pride? Factors that we find ourselves rationalizing and justifying endlessly both to ourselves and others.

Obedience, in fact, can be considered to be one of the ‘dirtiest’ words in the vocabulary of our postmodern, post-Christian world and yet it is truly the greatest gift that we can give Our Father from the depths of our hearts. It is also free. When we obey the desires of God the Father’s Heart, following His Divine Will even if this entails having to go against our daily grain, we are immeasurably rewarded by Our Father both in the present and in the future. For obedience is the key over which the cloak of fidelity hangs, making us nothing without it even though we may think that we are something. Because in obeying the Will of God the Father, in both essence and fact we show Him that we truly love Him more than we love our selves.