Wounding Infinite Love – 3

Love – Infinite Love – is God the Father’s Name. Yet we do not hesitate to constantly wound Him, piercing the Core of His Divine Heart most cruelly. Why do we keep on being so intent on being selfish by thinking solely about ourselves, when we can both receive and give such joy and happiness – literally the Joy and Happiness of Heaven – by foregoing such behavior? Why do we, in other words therefore,  remain so intent on placing ourselves and our needs first and foremost, that is before God Almighty, when if we paid attention to placing Him and His Desires first in our hearts everything else would fall naturally and effortlessly into place for us? 

We need to remember that Our Father created us to love Him with the entirety of our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls. Thus opening up space for both ourselves and Himself to be in a relationship whereby we can both be and act as truly adoptive children of God. However many, if not most, of us have both chosen and keep on hard-heartedly choosing to remain intent on doing things our way. Attempting to stone-facedly please and pleasure solely ourselves, rather than both Our most beloved Creator and ourselves. Let us therefore delay no more in taking serious stock of what we are doing, with the aim of sincerely changing our behaviors, for Our Father’s grief (and anger) are rapidly becoming uncontainable.