More from Our Father – 6 – The Divine Provider

“I want you to turn to Me for everything. I want you to depend solely on Me for I Am your Father. No one else but Me. I will provide you with everything you need because I Am a loving Father. With Me you will never lack for anything. I take care of all My children (…) Come refresh your spirit in Me, come. Come rest in Me, come. I Love you with undying Love, come; come rest in Me (…) I will bless you (…) as long as you remain in My Will. That is why I gave you and all mankind free will, to make choices in accord with My Divine Will” (6/7/10).

God the Father both Is and deeply desires to be the Divine Provider in our lives. Yet how many of us allow ourselves to depend completely on Him for what we need, both in our daily and not-so-daily lives? Indeed how many of us want to “do it ourselves” precisely so that we do not depend on anyone? Because for most of us, especially those in the ruggedly individualistic Western world, ‘dependence’ is considered as one of the dirtiest words of all. And yet unless we open ourselves up to Our Father’s desires, we will in both essence and fact preclude Him the space needed in order for Our Father to operate most effectively in our lives. Because no father including God the Father can truly assist His children fully unless they abandon themselves totally, with filial trust and love, in His Hands. Given that Our Father does not override the free will choices that we make as His children, no matter the erroneousness of most of our choices and the deep yearnings of His Divine Heart that we all return to live safely and securely in His Divine Will.