The pierced wound in Our Father’s Divine Heart

God the Father pleads with us but we prefer not to listen, He begs us to return to Him but we coldly shove Him aside. He does everything that He can so as to fan a speck of love from us, yet we continue finding satisfaction – perverse satisfaction – in remaining stone-faced and granite-hearted. Our Father has shown us His Divine Heart, a tangible symbol of His Love for us, but we prefer to continue mercilessly piercing it, rather than entering into its confines with humble thanksgiving and praise. He continues showering us daily with His Infinite Love, but we prefer to contemptuously reject the true filial relationship He desires from us. 

Our Father continues begging most sorrowfully and woundedly, for us to return to live in Him, for Him, through Him, and with Him. Yet we prefer to pitilessly choose everyone and everything else in our hearts, over and above our most tender Father. We pride ourselves on being rational, intelligent, and ‘good’ human beings yet, in reality, we are less-than-human; for even His non-human creatures treat their Creator better than we do! In both essence and fact, therefore, we continue ruthlessly enlarging the painful, gaping wound in the Core of Our Father’s Divine Heart, twisting and turning the arrow deeper and further without mercy, because we persist in stubbornly refusing to change even just a little of our ongoing ways.