Words from God the Father – 61

“Love is absent from the world. I ask the world to return to live in My Divine Embrace, yet it departs further away from Me. What must I do, for you to return? You will not live without Me, you will not live externally to My Will and yet you do not seek My Divine Will. You seek your pleasures, your lies, your theft, your greed, your fornication, your adultery. You prefer yourselves and your so-called pleasures to Me Who Am the Lord your God. What shall you do when I punish you thoroughly? How are you going to survive? And yet if you return, I will forgive you all your sins. I will take you into My bosom as a mother takes her hungry infant to her breast. I will feed you with My Divine Life and I will assuage your thirst with the water that flows from My Son’s Side. I want you – I ask you, I plead with you – to return Home to Me. Otherwise you will not survive what is coming. For what is about to happen is dreadful and terrible, only those who are in Me – who are in My Divine Heart – will be able to survive My Chastisement. Your souls are important to Me, children of Mine. Come back, come back to your Father Who loves you” (3/10/11).