Words from God the Father – 65

“(…) LOVE! I Am Love, the Love of the world. For I Am Love, I Am none other than Love: Infinite Love. And yet the world, My world – that world which I have created from the beginning of time and that insists on remaining so obstinately distant from Me – rejects My Love. The Love Who gives it Life and Light, without Whom it cannot live. The world is blind. But soon, very soon, it will see for I will come as Light – blinding Light – for all those who cannot see. For all those of My children who do not believe. And then there will be change: My people, many of My people, will return to Me although some will insist on remaining away. But many souls will be rescued from eternal damnation. Through My Light, I will pierce their darkness and they will return to Me.”

“Infinite Love Is returning to the world. Come, rest in My Heart. My Heart is open as a refuge for all men in this time of impenetrable darkness (…) My Love encompasses all hearts, yet many of My children’s hearts continue to reject My Infinite Love. Ah, what I would not do for My children, were they to return to Me of their own volition. No father has ever come close to doing for My children what I Am doing, to provide for their safe return to Me, their Heavenly Father. And yet so many of My children continue to blaspheme Me and curse Me, wounding My Paternal Benevolence: the Infinite Love of My Divine Heart. Love Me (…) return to Me (…) without delay, for soon the time of grace will be over and then the fullness of My Justice – My Wrath, My Ire – commences” (3/31/11).