Infinite Love and Joy – 3

God the Father, Who Is Infinite Love Himself, comes to us openly bearing His Divine Heart, pleading with us like the Eternally solicitous Father that He Is to return to Him, so that He can tightly hold us in His Divine Embrace and shower us increasingly with His Love throughout the upheavals of this world. Upheavals which are only going to increase in both quantity and quality until all humanity has returned to live in God the Father’s Divine Will, in both essence and fact bringing down His Kingdom upon the earth, given that this is what He had decreed from the beginning of time.

Our most beloved, tender, sweet, gentle, and Almighty Father wants to heal our wounded souls once and for all with His Infinite Love and Joy. Those souls of so many of us that have been wounded beyond belief by piercing coldness, rejection, indifference, and abandonment; in a nutshell, the cruelty and evil of this world. Evil stimulated for the most part in the hearts of mankind by the hatred of the enemy. That everlasting and infinitely envious thief of souls, whose sole aim and ‘pleasure’ consist of nothing more than dragging our souls into the deepest pits of darkness that only he and his deliberately consenting minions have ever been capable of producing, in revenge for not being god above God Our Father.

Yet many of us, so many of us, seem to incomprehensibly continue to prefer this darkness. This ever-deepening pit of mud, emptiness, futility, hopelessness, helplessness, and desperation to the Infinite Light, Love, and Life that Our Father both can and will unhesitatingly give each and every one of us who decides to return to Him, with a sincerely repentant heart. All that God the Father wants to hear from us is our “yes,” given willingly from our hearts to His Divine Heart, for Him to welcome us back into His Family and produce a veritable feast for us – a banquet – that is unimaginable by any human means.

So why do we so stubbornly insist on staying away, dying of hunger, thirst, and fear both spiritually and, for some of us, even materially. When Benevolence, Goodness, and Infinite Providence are waiting for us, to welcome us back and cloak us royally with open arms? Are we in reality proud, stupid, or both, despite all our very vocal disclaimers to the contrary? This is something we need to seriously consider if we want to truly live, that is live in Joy, Love, Peace, and Happiness, both now and in eternity.